This strikes me as totally bizarre (not being able to move from one at&t plan to another) and makes me worry about being able to move this number anyplace else. You’ll need to request a number transfer pin to transfer your number from at&t consumer wireless to another service provider.


When transferring your number from another wireless carrier or at&t wireless:

Transfer phone number to another phone at&t prepaid. Use this number transfer pin, and other required account info, to transfer your number to another provider. Do not cancel your existing mobile service, as this will mean you won't be able to port your number.your new telco will handle the transfer and cancellation for you. Just tell us your wireless account information at checkout, and we’ll confirm with your wireless provider that your number can be moved to at&t.

Be sure to back up or copy your contact info because once your number is transfered you will love everything on the phone. Find the device you want to transfer a number to and select manage device. After logging into your at&t prepaid account, select “forget pin/password,” and enter your number.

If the number is eligible to transfer, you can shop online or visit an at&t store to complete your number transfer and activate new at&t service. But the instructions basically follow these steps: A prepaid account number is your 11 digit phone number (1+ area code + number).

Need help transferring your number? Choose keep my number at checkout. I found a worrisome faq on at&t's website that states that an iphone must be activated as a new device and a new phone number for go phone customers.

If you are just looking to simply activate another device on the same number, it can be done via my verizon. If you order your new phone or sim card online or over the phone, your number transfer may take up to three to five business days to complete. Contact your new carrier (perhaps verizon , at&t ,.

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If the device is owned by a business, you'll need your workplace's permission. From the transfer your number to at&t page, enter the phone number you want to transfer and follow the prompts to check eligibility. Replace the at&t number you have now with one you're transferring from another carrier.

Check the status of a transfer in progress Yes, you can port your number to a different carrier, prepaid or not. Go to your my at&t account overview.

Transferring a number to a new line. Call or text your current provider to request a mobile pac code. Hi jodwan, if you're able to visit a telstra store, they'll be able to swap the sim you are using now for a micro sim free of charge.they'll transfer all your account details (and number) onto a blank sim.

Remember, don't cancel your old plan until the transfer is complete. You will need your prepaid account number and pin. Verizon offers a number of different deals when you switch from.

Request an at&t sim card kit, if you're bringing your current phone to the network. The answer i got was no. Enter the phone number you want to bring to at&t.

Since special access is needed to gain access to prepaid accounts, you can also reach out to our prepaid specialists at 888. Choose options & settings, then change phone number. If you're replacing your at&t number with one from another carrier, follow these steps:

Verify and add your carrier information. There are 3 possible scenarios for transferring your phone number to verizon: Check your cell phone number's eligibility at at&t's online portal.

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At&t will only transfer mobile phone numbers (not landlines). Your phone with your previous carrier will continue to work while the transfer processes. In order to transfer your phone number, go to the activate tab on our website and then select the option that you need.

If you have any money left on the old prepaid cell be sure to tell the customer service rep so they can transfer that amount over. In fact, you can have a look at the below plans to see what whistleout readers are loving right now: A postpaid account number is usually a 9 digit number but can be 9, 11, 12 or 15 digits.

We will send you a text message with a link to track the status of your number transfer. Transferring a number from a verizon mobile reseller. At&t prepaid devices must be active for at least 6 months.

A pac code should be given to you immediately over the phone or. You cannot consolidate balances from one sim card or prepaid account to another. If there are errors in the information.

If you start your number transfer in an at&t store, your number will transfer to us within one to three business hours. Be sure to enter it correctly so we can process the request. To transfer a prepaid phone number, you have to contact your new carrier and ask them what the process is to get your mobile number ported.

This depends on the type of service you have with your old service provider and when you activate your device. Getting a new phone number can be a bit of a hassle, but it's easy to transfer your old one from at&t to verizon. How do i transfer my mobile number?

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Transfer a number to a new line with verizon. This number transfer pin replaces the account passcode you had to use before with number transfer requests. Be ready with your current wireless account information.

Verizon has a number transfer page where you can make this happen quickly and easily.

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